Waniskâw is a transformative platform dedicated to empowering Indigenous youth in their teens and early twenties through tech education deeply rooted in traditional knowledge. Serving as a safe space, Waniskâw fosters creativity and self-expression through digital art and coding, enabling youth to showcase their cultural heritage while acquiring valuable skills. By providing intuitive tools, a supportive community, and learning resources, Waniskâw not only equips youth with practical knowledge but also ignites a sense of confidence and purpose for their future endeavours. Our mission extends beyond skill-building; it encompasses bridging communities and promoting digital sovereignty, aiming to address the lost potential of Indigenous peoples who were denied opportunities to explore their passions and talents.

As part of our commitment, Waniskâw will collaborate closely with local Indigenous organizations and arts institutions to run workshops, ensuring our programs resonate deeply within Indigenous communities. Through these partnerships, we strive to amplify the voices and talents of Indigenous youth, paving the way for systemic change and a brighter future. We invite individuals and organizations to join us in this movement, redefining the narrative and celebrating every Indigenous voice with Waniskâw. Together, we can build a future where Indigenous youth thrive, their cultural heritage honored, and their potential unleashed.

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Discover projects

In addition to highlighting resources, our home page serves as a gallery, showcasing a diverse array of projects, including games, zines, interactive art, example code snippets, static image art, GIFs, and asset packs. Here, learners can discover the possibilities of digital art and coding, drawing inspiration from the innovative work of their peers.

Create & Remix

Remixing existing projects enables learners to surpass their individual capabilities by tapping into the support of their online community. This collaborative effort fosters a sense of belonging and the rewarding feeling of contributing to collective growth and innovation.

Share your vision

Learners are encouraged to share their completed projects with friends and followers by posting project links on their social media. This emphasis on sharing not only strengthens the social dimension of learning but also amplifies the reach of each individual's message, fostering a sense of community, collaboration and impact.

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Nodin Cutfeet

Founder & Chair

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Daniel Cutfeet

Board Member

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