Waniskâw is an inquiry-based learning platform designed to provide indigenous youth with online software and learning resources to write code and create digital art assets while also motivating the youth by removing barriers to share their work with others online and encouraging them to express themselves and tell stories through the games, animations, digital zines, and other forms of new media art they create.

All Waniskâw projects are open source, allowing learners to use art and coding solutions from others on the platform, which enables individuals to support one another asynchronously, go much further with their projects and feel much more proud of their work than they otherwise would, especially in the early stages of learning to code when they’re most likely to give up. 

We can ensure equitable access between Indigenous youth by focusing on pixel art and vector graphics. Pixel art and vector graphics file sizes are so compact that they will load quickly regardless of how rural a young creator may be. The youth can also create pixel art and vector graphics just as easily with a mouse or trackpad as with an expensive drawing tablet. 

Waniskâw hopes that Indigenous youth get in the habit of using their voices more loudly through learning to create in a medium that enables their stories to spread beyond geographic boundaries.

Home landing page for Waniskâw

Discover other people's work and see what's possible

In addition to tutorials, the home page will showcase projects ranging from games, digital zines, generative art, helpful example code, static image art, and asset packs.

Project creation page for Waniskâw

Remix existing projects or start something new

The ability to remix the work of others allows learners to focus on what they enjoy. Even those who don't want to code can create new interactive work by retheming an existing project with new assets.

Pixel art based game made with Waniskâw

Share your work and inspire others to create

Learners are nudged to share their finished projects with their friends by posting a link on their existing social media, strengthening the social aspects of learning.

Board of Directors 

Nodin Cutfeet

Founder & Chair

James Cutfeet

Board Member

Daniel Cutfeet

Board Member

Awards & Accolades  

Indigenous Communities Fellow

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Welcome to Waniskâw's Volunteer Program – your chance to be part of something extraordinary! Despite being a small organization in its early years, Waniskâw has already achieved remarkable success, earning multiple design awards and securing a prestigious fellowship with MIT. This is your opportunity to join us at the ground floor and contribute to our growth and impact. As we continue to expand our reach and mission, we're actively seeking passionate individuals to join our team as volunteers. If you're a web developer eager to make a meaningful impact or someone interested in shaping the direction of an innovative organization, Waniskâw is the place for you. By volunteering with us, you not only become an integral part of our exciting journey but also gain the chance to work alongside a team recognized for its excellence in design and collaboration with MIT. Join Waniskâw in making a difference – we welcome all skill sets and are particularly eager to welcome web developers and enthusiastic board members. Your skills can play a vital role in shaping the future of Waniskâw and the communities we serve. Embrace this unique opportunity to contribute to positive change, and let's build a better future together.

Those interested in becoming board members or volunteering other services can get in touch by emailing nodin@waniskaw.ca


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